4 Kids

Have you ever wanted to volunteer somewhere but you were too young? Well you can come volunteer with Colorado Kids for Kids! We would love to have you come and help us. Our mission is to help sick, disabled, homeless and underprivileged kids by raising awareness, volunteering and supporting their needs. Check out our future events.  Help us by planning an event,  raising awareness or volunteering.  Colorado Kids for Kids wants to make the world a better place and we could use YOUR help.

You could help with the following things: 

  • Collect books to donate
  • Collect clothing (winter coats, boots, gloves, hats, etc.) 
  • Collect toys to donate
  • Donate wrapping paper for our holiday drive
  • Volunteer with us
  • Help host/coordinate an event
  • The possibilities are endless.... If YOU have an idea, we want to hear it!  

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